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Delegation from Osaka University, Osaka City University, Saga University

Dec 2015 - News

On 18 November, a delegation of senior academics from Japan arrived at NCIRS. Their aim was to discuss their proposed research on the effectiveness and safety of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in Japan in the context of the withdrawal of the vaccine in 2013 following reports of a variety of possible adverse events. NCIRS staff met with the delegation to discuss vaccine safety, adverse event surveillance and vaccine effectiveness assessment. The delegation expressed their appreciation for a fruitful meeting and expressed a desire to stay in touch with NCIRS staff until the issues in Japan are resolved.

Surveying the Rhododendron Festival

Dec 2015 - News

Dr Kerrie Wiley from our Social Science and Communication group joined forces with Dr Jon Wardle and Dr Jane Frawley of UTS Faculty of Health Sciences and Dr Jackie Janosi and Mr Andrew Warrilow of the Nepean Blue Mountains PHN to survey parents in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, about their attitudes to immunisation. They attended the annual Rhododendron Festival in Blackheath on 7 November, pounding the pavement and striking up conversations with parents at the event. The Mountains turned on spectacular spring weather, prompting many local families to go out and enjoy the sunshine. The day was a success for the team, with the majority of parents approached happy to share their thoughts, the results of which are being  collated and will be used to help inform local immunisation communication strategies.

AusVaxSafety surveillance reassures flu vaccine safe in children

Nov 2015 - News

AusVaxSafety has completed the second year of active influenza vaccine safety surveillance in children under 5 years of age. Data collected in 2015 provides reassurance of the safety of influenza vaccines. Results from AusVaxSafety surveillance for 2015 have recently been published in Eurosurveillance and are summarised here.

New NSW Specialist Immunisation Service telephone advice line

Nov 2015 - News

A specialist immunisation advice line 1800 NSWISS (1800 679477) is now available to provide clinical advice and support to immunisation providers in NSW.

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October 2015 Message Stick newsletter now available

Nov 2015 - News

The October 2015 issue of the National Indigenous Immunisation Message Stick (NIIMS) is now available. This issue includes an update on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander immunisation programs and information on the Australian Government’s No Jab, No Pay measure.

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New study into febrile seizures in children

Sep 2015 - News

We are looking for children aged 12 to 42 months who have never had a seizure to be in the control group of a new study at The Children's Hospital at Westmead. The study is examining the developmental outcomes and possible genetic link in young children who have had febrile seizures. Read more

What's new slide set for 2015 update of The Australian Immunisation Handbook

Sep 2015 - News

NCIRS has prepared an educational slide set ‘What’s new – 2015 update’ which summarises the changes included in the 2015 annual update of the Handbook as well as providing some background on the update process which commenced last year. This slide set is intended for use by immunisation providers as an educational tool. You can find the slide set on our provider resources page.

2013 Annual immunisation coverage report

Aug 2015 - News

The 2013 Annual Immunisation Coverage Report is now available on the NCIRS website. We have also provided a summary of key findings and accompanying slideset.

More information is provided on the immunisation coverage page.

The Australian Immunisation Handbook - 2015 annual update

Jul 2015 - News

The 2015 annual update of the 10th edition of The Australian Immunisation Handbook (endorsed by the NHMRC in June) is now available on the Immunise Australia website.

A detailed list of amendments is also provided.

The 2015 update includes changes to some clinical recommendations, as well as clarifications and the inclusion of new factual information. These updates have been made in response to specific issues requiring amendment; amended chapters have not been reviewed in their entirety unless specified.

Major changes have been made to five chapters:

Influenza – Annual influenza vaccine is now recommended for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and individuals with a BMI of 40 or higher or chronic liver disease.

Japanese encephalitis – Recommendations on use of JE vaccines, including booster doses, have been updated.

Meningococcal disease – The entire meningococcal disease chapter has been updated to take into account incorporation of the new meningococcal B vaccine, Bexsero, now available on the private market.

Pertussis – Pertussis vaccine is now recommended for infants at 18 months of age and for pregnant women (changes previously published in March 2015).

Zoster – Recommendations on the use of herpes zoster vaccine are broken down by new age groups.

The updated Handbook is available in HTML format on the Immunise Australia website. (A PDF version will be available online soon.) All future updates to the 10th edition Handbook will also be published on the Immunise Australia website.

NCIRS is in the process of updating a number of our resources in line with the latest changes in the 2015 Handbook update, including fact sheets, Handbook tables and schedule tables.

PCC2015 - presentations available online

Jun 2015 - News

NCIRS were very pleased to again co-host the PCC2015 (Preventing Cervical Cancer: Integrating Screening and Vaccination) conference in February 2015.

Most of the presentations from the conference are now available on the conference website.

This is the third PCC conference co-hosted by NCIRS and the Victorian Cytology Service, bringing together experts in screening and vaccination who are interested in the prevention of cervical cancer.

VCS and NCIRS intend to run a further PCC conference in November 2017. Register your interest if you would like to receive email updates as planning for the 2017 conference progresses.

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