Immunisation schedules

Childhood schedules

Table summarising immunisation recommendations for infants, children and adolescents in Australia  [PDF – 275kB] - June 2018

This table includes childhood vaccinations funded under the National Immunisation Program as well as other recommendations for children in accordance with The Australian Immunisation Handbook.

Occasionally, the ages at which some NIP vaccines are administered and the brand of vaccine used will vary between states and territories. Therefore it is important to also check the immunisation schedule for your area (see the links to state and territory websites below).

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Adult schedules

Table summarising immunisation recommendations for adults in Australia [PDF – 274kB] - June 2018

This table includes vaccines that are funded for adults under the National Immunisation Program as well as other recommendations for adults in accordance with The Australian Immunisation Handbook.

Adults may require additional doses of certain vaccines to what is outlined in the table if they did not receive adequate vaccine doses during their childhood (either as a result of certain vaccines not being available at that time or due to later schedule changes).

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The Australian National Immunisation Program

The Australian National Immunisation Program (NIP) is funded by the Australian government and implemented by state and territory departments of health. Globally, the Australian NIP continues to be one of the most comprehensive, fully funded immunisation programs in the world.

The National Immunisation Program schedule can be accessed via the Immunise Australia website.

Information relating to individual state and territory immunisation programs and schedules can be accessed via the following links:
Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia

Other schedules

Travel vaccination

The following websites provide general information regarding vaccination and travel. For individual advice about travel, additional information should be sought directly from specialised travel clinics, infectious disease specialists or immunisation service providers with expertise in travel medicine and vaccination. 

(Note: This list is not an endorsement of any travel clinic over another, is not listed by preference and is not exhaustive.)

The Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade provides some general information regarding travel and vaccination.

The World Health Organization International Travel and Health website offers general information and updates regarding malaria and yellow fever vaccination requirements.

For advice on yellow fever vaccination and certification, please contact your state or territory health department for information regarding your nearest accredited yellow fever vaccination provider.

International schedules

The World Health Organization (WHO) provides information on worldwide immunisation schedules. You simply select the country of interest and it will give you a profile on that country, the immunisation schedule and information on disease surveillance and vaccine coverage.


Last updated June 2018