Social research

The social research program at NCIRS is centred on research to help identify the factors influencing the uptake of vaccines relevant to Australia’s National Immunisation Program. Our research is mostly descriptive, identifying immunisation-related beliefs, attitudes and practices of individuals and families, and health professionals. It also extends to mass communications research, such as news and social media analyses, and an MMR vaccine decision aid for parents.

Social research forms a central aspect of NCIRS’s original mandate and connects with a range of NCIRS activities including policy development, evaluation, Indigenous research, adverse events and communication. We also participate in external grant-funded research. 

The social research team provides research design and analysis support to external stakeholders involved in program implementation and advice on aspects of program delivery such as adverse events communication and the mass media.

Research group

Visiting Fellow, Social Science
Julie Leask

Research Fellow, Social Science
Penny Haora

Postgraduate students 
Samantha Carlson (PhD candidate)

Last updated August 2018