Vaccine policy

Research supporting immunisation policy development

NCIRS staff has a breadth of technical expertise in the biomedical sciences, epidemiology, public health, and social sciences, which allows for high quality scientific research as well as translation of research into evidence-based immunisation policies and practice.

The NCIRS Policy Support Program Area makes a significant contribution to the development and implementation of national immunisation policies, primarily by providing scientific research support to the Immunisation Branch of the Australian Government Department of Health and the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI).

In addition to the overarching activities in supporting national policy development, the NCIRS Policy Support Program Area plays a key role in the development of clinical practice guidelines on the use of vaccines in Australia through supporting the production of The Australian Immunisation Handbook

NCIRS also supports translating national immunisation policies into effective immunisation programs through its membership and contributions to the activities of the National Immunisation Committee (NIC).

Research and other activities in other NCIRS’ program areas also inform and complement our work in national immunisation policy development. These include surveillance of vaccine preventable disease, vaccination coverage monitoring, evaluation of national immunisation programs, and social science research.