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The resources listed below may assist parents and caregivers in understanding the many aspects of immunisation and vaccines.

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NCIRS resources

We have produced a number of resources providing information on vaccine preventable diseases and vaccination. These have been primarily developed for immunisation providers but are also available for interested members of the community. 

Resources include:

SKAI – Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation: Resources for parents

A series of five Q&A fact sheets addressing the five concerns most commonly expressed by Australian parents are available from the Australian Government Department of Health Immunisation website.

These fact sheets were developed by the SKAI project. Further information on the SKAI project is available on the Social research pages of our website.

Online articles

Decision aids

MMR decision aid

This decision aid has been designed to help you decide whether to immunise your child with the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine.


General information

Australian websites

Australian Government Department of Health Immunisation website – has a number of fact sheets and other useful information for parents about vaccine preventable diseases and immunisation programs.

Each state and territory health department also has information on infectious diseases, vaccines and immunisation programs:

Some other useful Australian websites for parents include:

International websites

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (USA) – has a number of fact sheets, photos and video clips which parents may find useful.

National Health Service (NHS) (UK) – has a number of useful presentations and animations which provide good background information about vaccines in general, what immunisation is, how it works and monitoring vaccine safety.

Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) (USA) – provides information for the public about vaccines and the diseases they prevent. This site includes video clips, case histories, recommendations and journal articles. The IAC also publishes Unprotected People Reports, real-life accounts of people who have suffered or died from vaccine preventable diseases, along with personal testimonies, case reports, newspaper articles, and opinion pieces about the value of immunisation. 

Vaccine safety

Links to organisations providing information about vaccine safety are provided on our Provider resources page.

Books and other publications

Immunisation Myths and Realities: a guide for providers (5th edition)
This publication addresses many of the common concerns about the safety of vaccines. It is available from the Australian Government Department of Health website.

The science of immunisation: questions and answers 
This booklet, published by the Australian Academy of Science, explains current immunisation science, including areas of consensus and uncertainty. It covers the questions: What is immunisation?; What is in a vaccine?; Who benefits from vaccines?; Are vaccines safe?; How are vaccines shown to be safe?; What does the future hold for vaccination?


Chain of Protection

This website and associated videos provide information on how diseases are transmitted and the role of vaccination in protecting our families and community.

Jabbed - Love, fear and vaccines

This television documentary screened on SBS in May 2013 and is available on demand from the SBS website.
It looks at the growing trend of vaccine hesitancy and reasons for complacency and concerns, and highlights the impact of delaying or refusing immunisation.

The associated SBS website provides further background information.


Last updated August 2018