NSW Specialist Immunisation Service (NSWISS)

The  NSW Immunisation Specialist Service (NSWISS) provides specialised immunisation advice and care to clinicians and families.

The following two services are available to provide clinical advice and support to immunisation providers in NSW.

1800 NSWISS (1800 679 477)

1800 NSWISS is a specialist immunisation advice line established to provide clinical advice and support.

  • Highly specialised nursing and medical staff from NCIRS are available to provide clinical advice on immunisation for patients with complex or unusual medical backgrounds or who have had an adverse event following immunisation.
  • The Advice Line is open between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Your local Public Health Unit can provide general immunisation advice by phoning 1300 066 055.

Immunisation Specialist Clinic Telehealth Consultation

A Telehealth consultation allows your patient to have a consultation with our immunisation specialists via a computer webcam. This service reduces the need for patients to travel long distances to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

A Telehealth consultation provides:

  • assessment and management of a child or adolescent who has previously experienced an adverse reaction following immunisation
  • consultation with patients or parents who have concerns about vaccines, side-effects or possible adverse events
  • advice on schedule options for future vaccinations

Download the clinicians' guide to participating in Telehealth consultations with the Immunisation Specialist Clinic [PDF – 169kB]
You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to access this file.


Last updated June 2017